The Uco valley, more than 1.200 meters above sea level provides the perfect altitude range for the development of each grape variety.

The zone's climate is characterized by warm and sunny days and very cold nights. the temperature difference between day and night ranges between 5 and 10 degrees all year long. This difference and the great temperature amplitude affect the grapeĀ“s quality, intensifying its flavors and colors.

Being a high altitude zone, the soil is stony and permeable, and the earth is not able to retain humidity. This allows for a much more controlled water management during the vineyard growth cycle.

Our grapes are grown mostly in the Alto Valle de Uco, district of La Consulta; in San Carlos, Mendoza. Located at 33 degrees south latitude, the estate were the vines grow is an ideal geographic point for the growth of vineyards. This region is characterized by its wide soil diversity, little rain, and more than

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