A story of dreams and passions

Our story begins with the arrival from Spain of Francisco Esteller, best known as Don Quico. Native of Valencia and copper by trade, "Don Quico" fell in love with viticulture and found in Mendoza the perfect conditions to grow this crop.

In 1925, he made his own wine: "El Inmigrante", first and successful result of his effort. Some years later, in 1938 he builds his own winery, and in 1942 his second one. In his strive to produce the best wines, Don Quico counted with his sons´support. His son Paco, among them, knew how to renew the family business thanks to his bold vision.

Unfortunately, Paco dies suddenly, leaving behind him an inheritance of wineries that could not be continued by his sons. Francisco Pannocchia, his grandson, fourth wine-producer generation, inherited his passion for wine. Francisco spends his childhood between the vines and the cellar, and after his studies he works several years in the wine industry. Finally, in 2008, he undertakes his own project. Francisco starts to produce and commercialize his own wines, following his own criterion and intuition. So it is that he resumes this legacy, leaving a new furrow in the family story. The fourth furrow of a winery. The Cuarto Surco.


Our wines are produced in the district of La Consulta, San Carlos, in the Uco Valley. This is one of the most important areas for Mendoza´s viticulture, due to its excellent climatic conditions, fundamental for this industry´s development.

We have a 10.000.000 liters capacity, divided in pools of 10.000, 20.000, and 30.000 liters. The cellar has a storage capacity for 1.000.000 bottles and 2.000 oak barrels, 70% of French origin, and 30% American.

A modern bottling line enables us to work with all kinds of tops: natural cork, synthetic cork, and Stelvin system.


The Uco valley, more than 1.200 meters above sea level provides the perfect altitude range for the development of each grape variety. Our grapes are grown mostly in the Alto Valle de Uco, district of La Consulta; in San Carlos, Mendoza. Located at 33 degrees south latitude, the estate were the vines grow is an ideal geographic point for the growth of vineyards. This region is characterized by its wide soil diversity, little rain, and more than


The zone's climate is characterized by warm and sunny days and very cold nights. the temperature difference between day and night ranges between 5 and 10 degrees all year long. This difference and the great temperature amplitude affect the grape´s quality, intensifying its flavors and colors.


Being a high altitude zone, the soil is stony and permeable, and the earth is not able to retain humidity. This allows for a much more controlled water management during the vineyard growth cycle.

Nuestros Vinos

"Mantener en el tiempo el corazón de una familia, es saber descubrir el secreto de cada momento de la vida. El espíritu y la fuerza de la juventud en los hermanos, la sabiduría y paciencia de los padres y el magnifico encuentro de toda la familia..."


"Desde chicos nos acostumbramos a ser muy expresivos, con discusiones, peleas, reconciliaciones, juegos, deportes y aprendizajes...

Finca el Reparo

"El amor, el cuidado, la paciencia, los sacrificios. Estos vinos son el homenaje a nuestros hijos, quienes han continuado en el tiempo nuestra historia feliz...


"En este vino expresamos la pluralidad de expresiónes como en una mesa de familia. Lo importante es la mirada común, la complejidad de las relaciones buscando la felicidad final...

Aceite de oliva


"Estos vinos son ediciones especiales, esas joyas que uno guarda como únicas, irrepetibles, con historias para contar...