• our story

    Our story begins with the arrival from Spain of Francisco Esteller, best known as Don Quico. Native of Valencia and copper by trade, "Don Quico" fell in love with viticulture and found in Mendoza the perfect conditions to grow this crop.

    In 1925, he made his own wine: "El Inmigrante", first and successful result of his effort. Some years later, in 1938 he builds his own winery, and in 1942 his second one. In his strive to produce the best wines, Don Quico counted with his sonsĀ“support. His son Paco, among them, knew how to renew the family business thanks to his bold vision.

    Unfortunately, Paco dies suddenly, leaving behind him an inheritance of wineries that could not be continued by his sons. Francisco Pannocchia, his grandson, fourth wine-producer generation, inherited his passion for wine. Francisco spends his childhood between the vines and the cellar, and after his studies he works several years in the wine industry. Finally, in 2008, he undertakes his own project. Francisco starts to produce and commercialize his own wines, following his own criterion and intuition. So it is that he resumes this legacy, leaving a new furrow in the family story. The fourth furrow of a winery. The Cuarto Surco.

  • Our project

    Every day we strive to make good wines, respecting a balance between quality and price. Combining grapes from different terroirs, we search for the ones best adapted to soil and altitude. This is what we do every day.

    It is mainly a way of living, a family project, where we can pass on the value of personal effort. A duty, which once achieved, pays off with the pleasure of a well done job. This job needs to be well done to achieve our goal.

    The love for well-done things and the longing to leave a path starts by surpassing ourselves day after day.

Bodega Cuarto Surco - email: info@cuartosurco.com
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